Fajar Fathurrahman

Young, hardworkers and hardthinkers are three words to describe Fajarwalker. Since leaving Kuningan City in 2012, He used to take night classes at Bung Karno University, in faculty of the economy. Immidiately.

He remarkably interested in so many things like reading, writing, marketing, visual and graphic design. Although he prefers to take place in marketing class at the Bung Karno University, the design knowledge that he got during high school made him an expert at combining the concepts of marketing, visual and communication.

Number of brands that he has worked with has to be improved in terms of marketing concepts, visual and communication. Among them are Pakar Ayam, United Tractors Grand Ballroom, HPP Wedding, Yani & Friends, and another great local brands.

You can see the entire portfolio on this website.

What Fajarwalker's Do


With almost 5 years of experience in digital marketing, now He has great skills and has big connections in various e-commerce, such as Tokopedia, Bukalapak and Shopee.

Web Design

Even though he doesn't have such programming skills, his enthusiasm for learning makes him able to develop a website for marketing with a little help of Management System.

Content Writer

Besides he is an expert in product copywriting, he is also actively writing on his personal blogs to convey a variety of interesting experiences, stories, and information.

Content Creator

He also experienced in handling social media accounts and create creative marketing content. With a combination of good visuals and unique marketing words.